Jeffay furniture is committed to making sure all our customers are happy but don't take our word for it.  See below some comments from satisfied customers.

"I hope that you know that we love your furniture, adore working with you and greatly appreciate your hard work and flexibility!"

Hawkin Brown Architects

"After listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC radio 2 some time ago, I was keen to buy a stand up desk.  The doctor being interviewed on Jeremys show was selling the virtues of standing rather than sitting at work.Lower back pain was my motivation but burning an extra 500 calories a day appealed, six pack in no time!  I called Andrew to see if he knew anything about these desks, he was already supplying them.  Andrew delivered the desk and set it up in no time at all. I have since moved offices and had to move it again, which was easy.I have had the desk for more than 3 years now and stand about 50% of the day (standing now as I type this actually) sit the other 50. My back doesn’t ache anywhere near as much, no six pack though!  I would highly recommend one of Andrews desks to anyone with back pain, posture problems or if you just want to get a bit fitter."

Shaun Morrisroe - Orchard Grove Finance.

"I'm  loving my newly fitted wardrobes!! Andrew was so helpful in designing the layout and suggesting various finishes. A great wardrobe man but also a fine people person. I would highly recommend his work."
Deborah - Manchester

"We had a new shelving and storage unit to fit our playroom.  The process was really simple and after a quick conversation a sketch was drawn up and we had it delivered the next week.  We were really impressed with the quality of the unit and the other ideas that Andrew had that we hadn't thought of that improved it. In the end the whole job wasn't much more than shop bought furniture.  Excellent job, thoroughly recommended."

Katie - Bramhall