Height adjustable desks. Better posture for healthier working

Our height adjustable desks are the best available. We import a high quality frame and mechanism from Denmark and manufacture bespoke tops from a variety of wood based materials. 

Our flexible approach

  • We can produce any type of top to suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of materials to match any decor you already have.  As we make the tops in-house there are few restrictions on size.
  • Melamine - Veneer - Plywood.  All available for tops
  • The minimum size for a desk top is 650x900mm.
  • Single pedestal desks are available.
  • Extra hard wearing tops are available for those who are using the desks in a craft or art environment.
  • Button operated, each desk can be raised from 68cm - 118cms high.  
  • Desks are 80cm deep and come in 100cms, 120cm, 140cm and 160cms widths.
Below are some examples of some of the desks we produce, please Contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.
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