Up and Down Desks

Height adjustable desks. Better posture for better working.


We are a family business that has been producing furniture in Manchester since 1927. In an effort to move with the times we have done extensive research in to height adjustable desks. We are importing a high quality frame and mechanism from Denmark and manufacturing bespoke tops from a variety of wood based materials. We are sure we can accommodate all your needs - just ask us.


  • We can produce any type of top to suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of material to match any decor you already have. As we make the tops in-house there are few restrictions on size.
  • Malemine - Veneer - Plywood. All available for tops
  • The minimum size for a desk top is 650x900mm.
  • Single pedestal desks are available.
  • Extra hard wearing tops are available for those who are using the desks in a craft or art environment.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to using a height adjustable desk. If you choose to sit and stand throughout your working day it will increase your concentration and allow you to work more efficiently. Many of our clients are returning to work after back problems and in conjunction with occupational health have found a height adjustable desk invaluable. When using them to sit at they can be set to a height ideal for each individual user. When 'hot desking' this is very useful as each member of staff can set it to the optimum height for themselves. After consulting physios we would recommend standing for 70% of the day and sitting for 30%. The sitting should be evenly distributed throughout the day.


Prices start at £475 plus VAT for an individual desk. This buys you a top quality adjustable frame and a polished birch faced plywood top 1200x800mm. There are price breaks for multiple purchases.


We deliver for £20 plus VAT if you are happy to assemble the desk. Delivery can be arranged for fully assembled desks. Give us a call for a quote. At 0161 273 7404 / 07721 322816.